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Animate is committed to taking an interest in community and the next generation of artists. We have experience in doing masterclasses in the UK and across America with specific focus on performance, devising and audition technique.

Our Workshops
We Are Animate provide exceptional works

Audition Technique - An actor will spend 80% of their time auditioning, yet the technique is still overlooked in our syllabus. In our masterclass, students will learn a monologue in the week leading up to the session. Each student will work closely with their facilitator to receive direction on how best to master their monologue for potential drama school auditions and beyond. We will discuss the different kinds of auditions they will face in the industry e.g self taping.

Shakespeare - Demystifying this often daunting and intimidating language begins with the basics. Judi Dench said 
 “The hardest part of acting is not learning your lines but understanding why you say them”. As an ensemble we will learn to break down the text with fun and playful exercises whilst touching on the different ways in which Shakespeare can be delivered. Typically we would work on one scene and present it at the end.


Devising - In this masterclass students will learn the importance of creating their own work. Starting with an existing piece of text, the ensemble will be split up into small groups to produce a piece of original work. We will also advise the students on the Fringe theatre scene and how to become part of it. We are also able to provide a GCSE drama LogBook as part of our package.


Physical Theatre - Hugely important but often overlooked, physical theatre is the foundation of Animate. The students will learn how to integrate physical theatre as a device to highlight elements in the work. We will look at techniques developed by likes of Frantic Assembly, KneeHigh and Complicité.

A few thoughts

Our experience allows us to adapt our workshops to a wide range of ages from GCSE, BTEC, A Level, University and adult level. 


"The workshop as a whole just really opened up my mind to what the industry is really like and to stay resilient. It was also a key factor in me deciding to audition for drama school." - Henry Grizzem, Winchester

"When I went to auditions it felt like an ominous cloud and was the one thing putting me off as an actor. Now I feel so much more comfortable about them." - Edmund Bisset, Winchester

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